In the far south of Brabant, on the border with Limburg (Weert) and Belgium, I work from the factory village of Budel Dorplein to capture my world. The human and the world each of us creates around ourselves are always my starting point. The complex relationship between gender, identity, and society are inexhaustible sources of inspiration.

I hope to provoke reflection and dialogue on gender equality and social justice, challenging prevailing norms and stereotypes.

Empowering women within and beyond the art world is always my goal.

After pursuing various studies (painting, sculpture, and cultural studies) over the past twenty years, I have realized several projects, including:

  • La Place Dor (publication on the beauty of a factory village)
  • Schoot Book (photography)
  • Various community art projects in Eindhoven and surroundings
  • Installation Neverending Hettyness
  • Installation: I am at Philips